Architectural Glossary


Bargeboard, sometimes referred to as vergeboard, are decorative boards attached to projecting gabled roofs. These boards are often carved or painted, and their purpose is to conceal the purlins.






Return Cornices

Return Cornices are horizontal extensions of the cornice that appear on the gable end of a structure.




Eyebrow Window

Eyebrow Windows, also known as Eyebrow Dormers, are low and wide dormers without sides. These windows appear on houses with pitched roofs where the roofing is carried up and over the dormer.





Brackets can be structural and/or ornamental. They are L-shaped structures that are often weight bearing, or are used to provide additional strength to an angle.







Palladian Window

Palladian Windows, also known as Venetian or Serlian Windows, are composed of three sections. The central window is arched and larger than the two windows flanking it.