Near 1st and D

This site is currently and undeveloped parking lot. The original building was from circa 1880. “This building was used as a variety store in 1886. In 1889, the building was expanded and remodeled or replaced by a larger structure in the 1990s. This was done at the same time the saloon next door was expanded to the east. The architectural style of this vernacular, wooden building is a stepped False-Front commercial. This style was commonly used on early commercial buildings constructed on the western frontier. This structure had many different uses during the 19th Century. In 1892, it was used as a restaurant and, in 1893, it housed ‘Karlsen’s Laundry.’ Mr. Karlsen [sic] operated his hand laundry in this building until at least 1899. By 1900, the business was known as the ‘White Laundry.'” Information courtesy of the Eureka Heritage Society’s National Register Nomination for Old Town, 1990.