242 Grant Street

Built 1882. This is a superb late Eastlake house. An important element of a rooftop scene if the neighborhood in Eureka, this house also reveals a complicated dexterity of roof shapes on closer inspection. Its Eastlake ornamentation is a veritable catalog of nineteenth century decorative technology and invention, in a more affordable form than say, the Carson House exhibits. Swelling mini-mansards, high, spiky gables, and fat sheltering hip roofs cover a not altogether out-of-pattern overall volume.
The twin front doors, not unusual in practice, are themselves highly successful at adopting an almost ecclesiastic atmosphere. The bay windows present a tripartite division in elevation similar to the image of the simpler 3-window (these have five windows total). The elaboration of fringe, scrollwork, spindle work, brackets, and panels (not to mention shingles, clapboard, and ornamental flourishes difficult to catalogue–such as the wagon wheel quarter brackets atop the porch posts) proclaim this is a special dwelling indeed. Credit: Caltrans Architectural Inventory