825 5th Street

“International style courthouse building complex is generally concrete and glass, irregular in plan with two main sections: a 5 story section with framed bays emphasizing the verticality of the building while the flush glazing and wall surface create horizontal bands; the 3 story section is characterized by horizontal bands of glazing and concrete, also framed, on the lower half and blank wall on the upper half. The building sections are accessed by broad, low concrete steps that lead to the entry section of steel frame and glass with upper wall faced with stone. The complex (with parking) covers the entire block of 5th and 4th Sts between I and J Sts.

The property retains a high level of integrity with the original features including material, elements, forms and setting of a mid-century civic building.”

-Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Primary Record, 07-22-2004